New Vehicles.

What type of CNG vehicle you choose to drive, just like with gasoline vehicles, comes down to what you want or need.   The only new OEM vehicle available is a Honda Civic GX.  All the remaining new vehicles are conversions.  The companies that build and install the conversions are required to submit emission data to have their  kits approved by EPA and/or CARB ( California Air Resources Board ) .  Pennsylvania is a CARB state.   Our state opted to meet the  same standards as California.  A great source to read about vehicle availability is on the NGV America web site, under “available vehicles and engines“.

Used Vehicles.

Given the expense of investing in the equipment to fuel a vehicle with natural gas, you may decide to start out with a used car or truck.  A large number of these vehicles are located in Utah and California. Both states have a large and growing number of public service stations.  Most people find their used CNG vehicle on the internet.  EBAY always has a selection up for sale or bid.  A few dealers specialize in used CNG autos and trucks.  Two such dealers are CNG Auto Sales and CNG Utah.

In addition to the savings on fuel and being green,  give your family peace of mind by having an alternative fuel vehicle if gasoline becomes very expensive or difficult to get.  A lot of us (including me) are old enough to remember the gas lines in the 70’s.  I hope it never happens again, but all you need to do is read the news concerning the Middle East, any given week, and wonder what if?

This is great for our Children and Grandchildren.

This is great for America.