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ECO Friendly LLC is the Pennsylvania distributor for BRC Fuelmaker.

We are here to provide all your natural gas fueling needs, whether it be the small home compressor named PHILL for a small car like our Honda Civic GX, a compressor to fuel 1 or 2 vehicles, or the design, build, and installation of a Public Fast Fill service station. We can design a system to CNG fuel any size fleet you have. You can start off small and add to the system as your needs increase.  If you own a private gas well or receive allocation from one, a system can be designed and installed to fill your vehicles for as little as 10 cents per gallon. Just click on the headings for more information . We can show you how available tax credits can be used to help reduce your investment in equipment.

By using natural gas for transportation:

  • You will help reduce our purchase of imported oil.
  • You will be keeping your hard earned money in the United States.
  • You will be cleaning our environment by burning a very clean fuel.


This is great for our Children and Grandchildren!

This is great for America!