The most common question we receive is “ How much does it cost”?

 To come up with the answer we need to cover a broad range if items!

  • What type of vehicle and how many?
  • Estimated fuel usage over 24 hour cycle.
  • Proposed location of compressor  and filling location ( same?).
  •  Distance to gas and electrical  lines.
  • Moisture content of gas ( testing  – we can help set-up.)
  • Quality of gas ( utility or private well gas – testing )
  • Gas pressure at use point ( can it be increased if drying required?)
  • Are you planning to expand the number of vehicles?
  • Local codes.

For all the above reasons a site visit will be required to determine final price.   We can answer all these questions or arrange testing if required.

After physical installation ECO Friendly LLC will program your compressor via laptop interface to your particular requirements ( CNG tank size,  remote fill panel,  etc. ).  If you own a laptop computer we can supply you with software to monitor your compressor  ( i.e.:  run hours ) if you wish to do so.  It is not required.  We will also, based on your fuel usage, design a desiccant replacement schedule for your dryer, if so equipped.  We will run your fueling station through numerous fill cycles, with our testing equipment, to ensure proper operation.

Lastly, your compressor is covered by a 2 year parts and labor warranty. We are only a phone call away for any questions or assistance.

In the end you will join a small but growing number of people using  America’s fuel and reducing our dependence on foreign Oil.              

  • Phill:    From $6,500.00 installed.
  • FMQ series:    From  $8500.00  installed.   (  dryer additional if needed. )


This is great for America!

           This is great for our children and grandchildren!