Private Gas Wells

You can use the allocation of gas from your well to fuel any CNG vehicle. After investment in the CNG compressor your cost will be around 10 cents per gallon. This is just the electricity used to run the compressor. Your well must be tested to see what compounds are in the gas plus the moisture content. Moisture is the most important item that needs to be addressed. Well testing is inexpensive, and we can direct you how to have it done. Your home furnace and water heater can burn off moisture, but you can not put excessive moisture into the closed loop system of a vehicle.

ECO Friendly can help design and install a dryer system to clean-up the moisture before using the compressor to fill the vehicle.

Please call or e-mail us to discuss your particular needs. We will be happy to spend whatever time it takes to help you drive with CNG.


                            This is great for our Children and Grandchildren!

                                                This is great for America!